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bios life slim

What is Bios Life Slim?:

Bios Life Slim (AKA Bios Life) is a revolutionary, delicious, nutrient drink mix that is formulated using all natural, high quality ingredients. It has been clinically proven to be effective in helping individuals lose excess weight. Bios Life Slim contains a great amount of antioxidants as well as other important ingredients that are needed in order to regulate the body’s stored fat. It is free from any stimulants, making it 100% safe to take.

The newest addition to the Bios Life Slim range of high fiber supplements is the Bios Life Slim-G (Glucose management). The particular focus of this formula is on the management of blood sugar levels. It is designed to help you achieve better glycemic control in response to your food intake by utilizing a special patented blend of natural ingredients. Though the focus is on helping you manage your blood sugar levels, Bios Life Slim-G still helps you manage your weight and cholesterol as well.

A Proprietary Weight Loss Formula that is All Natural and Clinically Proven:

Bios Life Slim a breakthrough way of burning excess fat (not muscle). Its proprietary formula puts together a mix of soluble and insoluble fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, all designed to work together in synergy. The unique combination of these ingredients markedly enhances the body’s capacity to lose weight, stabilize blood glucose levels, and increase energy. When used as directed, this product can help you burn stored excess fat safely while boosting overall health.

This great tasting nutrient drink does not contain any stimulants, thus, you will not feel any jitteriness caused by such components. It decreases your appetite through its ability to release stored fats. You will note a reduction in your cravings and an upsurge in energy.

Bios Life Slim-G aids in the management of blood sugar levels through the patented ingredient Nutrifiber. Nutrifiber is specifically formulated in order to achieve better glycemic control. A single gram of the Glucose Stabilizing Formula in Nutrifiber is similar to 5 grams of regular fiber. Stevia is used as sweetener. According to Dr. Tom Cutler, Chief Science Officer of Unicity, “Nutrifiber has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels and the body’s insulin response by 30%.” These results show that Bios Life Slim-G could significantly impact those who would like to manage their glucose and insulin levels.

With this patented, breakthrough formula, Bios Life Slim and Bios Life Slim-G help substantially:

  • Reduces cholesterol level
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Normalizes blood sugar levels.

Other notable features and benefits of these products are:

  • Clinically proven
  • Safe
  • All Natural
  • No Side Effects

Regulation of the Leptin Hormone

Bios Life Slim is not another fad diet designed for quick weight loss, which, after you stop, will make you gain even more pounds. Technically, it’s not a diet per se because you will be able to lose weight without skipping a single meal! It is clinically proven to be effective by stabilizing “leptin,” the fat hormone that is in charge of the control over stored body fat.

Through leptin hormone regulation, you may be able to reduce the amount of stored fats and subsequently burn off unwanted excess pounds and inches through an increased metabolic rate. Leptin is also known to help in regulating sleep issues, excessive appetite, low energy levels, depressed mood and anxiety, and weakened immunity. Through adequate control of this hormone, you may be able to relieve the symptoms and lead a healthier, more normal life.

A High Quality Digestive Aid

Bios Life Slim and Bios Life Slim-G both contain the patented Biosphere Fiber, which includes guar gum, gum arabic, locus bean gum, citrus pectin, maltodextrin, beta glucan, and oat fiber. Its high fiber content greatly improves the digestive system. As you lose weight, you will also experience healthier bowel movements. You will no longer need an appetite suppressant because the high fiber content keeps you feeling full for a longer period.

Why Bios Life Slim-G Works

When we eat, our body converts the food into glucose, a simple sugar that is found in our bloodstream and serves as the food for our cells. As glucose travels through our bloodstream, it signals our pancreas to produce the hormone called insulin. Insulin may be regarded as the gatekeeper of our cells. Our cells cannot be fed without insulin.

Bios Life Slim products help to regulate insulin, the Master Hormone. When the Master Hormone insulin is balanced, it has a domino effect in helping to balance almost ALL other hormones. This hormonal balance aids the body in reducing pain and inflammation, promoting circulation, and balancing blood glucose, thus resulting in the body’s ability to burn fat.

Who Can Take Bios Life Products?

Since Bios Life Slim products are formulated with all natural ingredients, it is suitable for people of any age. However, pregnant or lactating women should consult their physicians before taking a high fiber drink like Bios Life Slim.

Directions on Taking Bios Life Slim

Always eat a breakfast that is rich in protein. Fifteen minutes prior to eating lunch, dissolve a packet of Bios Life Slim in 8 ounces of water and drink it immediately. Repeat this fifteen minutes prior to eating dinner. Make sure to eat only healthy meals. Also space your meals appropriately in order to sustain a higher energy level while properly regulating your blood sugar levels.

Finally, limit or avoid junk food all together and make sure you get the right amount of exercise. By constantly following the simple directions, and with the help of Bios Life Slim products, you can convert your body into an effective fat burning machine.

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